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I had such pain in my wrists I thought I would never practice surgery again. She changed my life. —  Ron J.

Arthritis Pain
My back pain, a constant companion for years, was lessened dramatically with acupuncture. —  Steve C.

I thought I could never get pregnant. I had tried everything. Under Donna's direction, I was pregnant in four months. —  Bernice B.

High Blood Pressure
I was taking so many drugs and having so many drug interactions that I was feeling very ill. Donna was able to get my blood pressure under control and lessened my reliance on drugs. —  George C.

The thoughts iin my head would never stop until I tried acupuncture. —  Mary G.

I was solidly into chemo treatments and felt horrible. Post chemo nausea almost stopped me. Acupuncture. kept me going. —  Don B.

With Acupuncture, I was able to reduce my medication, improve my sleep and reduce pain. —  Jain H.